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>Leandro Fitness Blog #5

>Great tips to help reach your fitness goals from Brazil Butt Lift guru Leandro Carvalho. Enjoy!

And don’t think this is just for the gals. Guys love this workout as well! This program is highly recommended! I have never been so proud of my body, and it is still in transition!

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Beachbody the company Introduction

Introducing the company by none other than the CEO himself Carl Daikeler!  You can find more info in the coaching opportunity category here on this blog, and also by clicking the Be a Coach!  button up top!

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>Brazil Butt Lift Sculpt workout

>I just got word from Beachbody on Twitter that there is a new link for the video featuring me! Here is the new link:

Now for the really fun stuff. I mentioned yesterday that I am enjoying the Brazil Butt Lift Sculpt workout. It is awesome because it starts with some cardio for warm up, then moves on to weights focusing on shoulders, biceps and triceps. From there it goes to some butt and core moves. The results are off the charts! I literally feel the shape in my waist, and my arms are starting to show results as well!

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>Video announcement from my WIN of Brazil Butt Lift MDB competition!

>I am so happy to have entered this competition!  I encourage everyone to do this, it is actually really fun, and the journey is just beginning!  I am getting more results than ever having recently discovered the Sculpt workout.  It is literally FULL body.  Stay tuned here for more transformation photos.  Check out the video, and contact me if I can help in any way to meet your fitness goals! The BBL segment starts at 1min. into it.

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>Great Kale with Tahini Sauce recipe

>I found this on my Twitter feed posted by Tony Horton.   Check it out!  Great recipe!  Highly recommended.  Enjoy!

Creamy Tahini Kale
1 Bunch Kale, stems removed and chopped
2 Shallots, diced
1 TBL Coconut Oil or Olive Oil
1/3 c. Tahini
2 TBL Balsamic Vinegar or Umeboshi Vinegar
3 TBL Tamari
1 cup filtered water
Blend all sauce ingredients together in a blender until smooth. Set aside
Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat. Saute shallots until translucent.
Add kale and tahini sauce. Cover and steam for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Do not overcook.
Top with sesame seeds (optional)
Yogamint’s Food & Flow video series can be seen at:  (link also above)
Recipe by Melissa Costello, Healthy Food Chef

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>Product feature: Arnica Montana

>I was just reading Carl Daikeler’s blog post
and wanted to post about my setback last week. I am a firm believer in no pain no gain when it comes to fitness, and all areas of life, but sometimes the pain is way to intense to work through. I had some back and shoulder pain that was so extreme that I was unable to sleep without taking Advil, and was also having some problems functioning at work without severe pain. I was considering getting acupuncture, and was searching for an acupuncturist – I have an amazing one, but she is located in Hood River, which is 60 miles from Portland where I live now. A co-worker of mine mentioned to me that I should try Arnica.

It was an interesting suggestion because I had taken Arnica in the past with great results for sports injuries.  Somehow over the years I had gotten out of the habit of having it around.  This time it was life saver.   I have never had such a great response

The next day, I was still in a lot of pain, and went to the store and bought some, and started taking it right away. The dose is 5 pellets 3 times a day for 3 days. By the end of day one I was already feeling results. Coupled with rest, the Arnica Montana after 3 days completely cured my injury. No more Ibuprofen, and no more resting during workout time! Back to BBL, WOWY everyday, and hello NO PAIN! I just had to share!

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